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Own a Gun Safe? Here’s How To Maintain It

Gun ownership is one of the most recognizable trends now in modern America. In fact, a survey found that nearly half of households in the U.S. have at least one or more firearms. Right now, we are the most heavily armed population in the world. 
Practicing our right to own firearms entails a big responsibility. If you belong to the 42% of households with at least one gun, you have to practice wise safety precautions. Proper training on handling a gun and keeping the weapon in good condition is paramount.

Why Use a Gun Safe?

Alongside these things, you have to know how to secure your firearms as well- away from children and other people who might injure themselves with them. And this is where gun safes come in handy. While there are several ways to store guns, you’ll feel more secure with a gun safe, as it is designed to make access pretty much your call. 

A gun safe is a sturdy unit that can last for years. Some even last a lifetime! But, like any other appliance in your home, your gun safe needs upkeep as well. If you want it to be always in prime condition, you have to do some regular safe maintenance.

How to Maintain Your Gun Safe

Here are some key ways you can do to maintain your gun safe:

Clean it regularly

Gun safes are highly resistant, as they are made through excellent MIG welding of steel-reinforced casements. The material and make provides good resistance to wear and tear compared with other home appliances.

Even so, you still need to maintain your gun safe. Make sure it’s free from dirt and debris inside and outside. Dust may seem like a mundane thing, but it can affect the locking mechanism if it accumulates. Try to clean the safe at least once a month to keep it pristine. Whether you have a textured, powder coating, or glossy finish safe, a simple wiping job will be enough. 

If you’re considering metal cleaner, be aware that it can eat away the non-tarnish coating on certain parts of the safe. A better cleaning solution would be just water and mild soap. You can clean the metal parts such as the handle, locking bolts, and hinges. Remember to use a soft cloth that won’t leave roughly scratch on the steel body and parts.

Lubricate the hinges and lock

Depending on the make of your safe, one of the key aspects that determine longevity is the quality of welding in the lock bolt assembly and body. Strong welding keeps the deadbolts, and other parts held strong. 

To protect from corrosion, lubrication is also part of safe maintenance. If soap and water removes dust, oil or other special lubricant should be applied at the top, bottom, and sides of the front bolts and hinges. You can do this less frequently; at least once a year should be enough to keep the hinges and locking mechanism oxidation-proof. 

Check the fire seal

Fire seal is a massive part of gun safe quality. While the steel encasement takes the initial brunt in a fire situation, once the temperature goes higher, the Palusol door seal expands. This seals the door and prevents heat and smoke from seeping in to the safe. 

If your gun safe is already a few years old, check if the fire seal is still intact. It can be flimsier as time passes. Once the seals display apparent wear or damage, it’s time to replace them. Again, it won’t be a frequent maintenance hassle for you. But do check the seal’s quality from time to time. 

Keep the safe moisture-free

The biggest issue concerning gun safes is moisture accumulation. It’s a big no-no because moisture eventually affects the firing quality of your firearms. If there’s constant humidity inside the safe, your gun will corrode or sweat and will likely misfire when used. You wouldn’t want any severe accidents to happen. 

So if you have a gun safe or a rifle vault, make sure the interior is moisture-free. You can’t eliminate moisture completely, but you can lessen the amount. One way is to get a portable dehumidifier that lasts 30 to 60 days before needing a recharge. If you place it inside the gun safe, it’ll control the moisture level. Another option is to put a container of desiccant silica gel or crystals inside the safe.  

As for the exterior, opt for modern gun safes that have the waterproof feature. It will prevent any liquid from damaging the interior even if the safe gets submerged in water.      

Have professional safe or vault service

There’s no shortage of certified technicians here who can keep your gun safe and vault New York in good condition. 

Along with proper installation, safe experts can make sure that the locking mechanism and other parts of your safe work well. In addition, if you find that monthly cleaning of your gun safe is too bothersome, you could invest in professional maintenance. You’ll be spending a bit more money than if you’ll DIY, but you’ll also keep the gun safe in the best condition.   

Once you find a reputable locksmith company with safe and vault expertise, make time to have your gun safe checked at least once a year or once every two years. Certain safe models have a premium lifetime warranty – assuming that you don’t void it with cosmetic alterations, changing the combination, etc. Understand the terms of the contract so that your safe upkeep will be easier and less costly in the long run.

Gun Safe Maintenance: The Takeaway

Owning firearms means being responsible in storing and maintaining them. A gun safe can provide the necessary security and safety features for your home. But you have to maintain your safe so that it can serve its purpose for a long time. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your gun safe in New York, feel free to contact City Safe Locksmiths. Our support staff will assist you with any safe-related queries and maintenance solutions. We always guarantee flawless work, so you will always be in the most qualified hands. Call us today to learn more.