Our Services

Don’t look anywhere else for quick and round the clock locksmith service in Brooklyn, NYC. We are here and active 7 days a week, making your life easier and preventing all kinds of lockouts, saving you from trouble. You can count on us for all your lock and key needs.

Opening Jammed or Locked Doors

You locked yourself outside your home or forgot your keys at a friend’s place or just were too wasted to take them out of the wrong side of the door before stepping out. No problem, we have you covered and we will get you back inside in a heartbeat!

Get Your Locks Installed

If you are more than just alert and super protective of your family, we get it. We will install state of the art locks and security systems that not only protect your loved ones but also fit your budget.

Repair Locks

Already have a lock in place but it’s giving you some trouble? Don’t pick a hammer to break it down. We will repair it before you can recall the name of the lock brand.

Automotive Unlocking

In less than 10 seconds, a skillful thief can break into your car, and it only takes a minute to hot-wire it and drive off. These days, car thieves use a hi-tech and non-invasive strategy that makes it very easy for them to slip under the radar and get away unnoticed. They often target cars of older models because they have less advanced anti-theft technology. If you have safer lock security, intruders can be caught off guard before they even completely invade your property. Burglaries, lockouts, lock upgrades, and any automotive issues, BK Lock & Safe is just a phone call away and skilled enough to get it fixed real-time.


Lockouts can happen in the most uncertain situations. It could ruin your time table in a way that you are supposed to be at your business appointment but you are still at home calling for the right locksmith that responds real-time. That’s both frustrating and time consuming. The hassle and disappointment it caused you are just workarounds that our locksmiths attend to at ease, everyday of the week. We are a team of renowned locksmiths that effectively serves around the vast of New York City.

Don’t Ruin Your Car Trying to Open It Yourself, Call BK Lock & Safe Services

Automotive lockouts are very common and frustrating. Things take a turn for the worse when you try to open the lock yourself. You end up damaging the window pane and scraping off the shiny paint. Why do you have to do that when you can call the expert car locksmiths from BK Lock & Safe right away? Just give us a call and your location. We’ll be there in no time to solve your lockout problem.

Repair and Replace Home Locks

For all your door lock concerns, we respond to you at a speed. We repair and replace your locks with additional locking mechanisms for an increased security at home. Give us a call so we can intensively check your locks all over your residential premise. Our highly efficient and evenly skilled locksmiths can take away your worries for break in accidents, burglaries, and any locking mishaps. If you own an old lock that no longer guarantees better home security, we provide an upgrade that ensures safety and peace of mind. Burglar-proof doors can definitely give you a good sleep.

Maintaining Your Home Security Systems

We don’t just install locks but also offer 24/7 maintenance for your security systems. You want on the spot emergency locksmith services in New York City? Our skilled and friendly locksmiths will take you out of all the sticky situations and make you feel safe and secure in no time. With an extensive team of well trained professionals we can provide round the clock locksmith services and security system maintenance in New York City and chase away all your worries. Remember, we are just a phone call away.