Safe For Sale

Safe For Sale

Safe options can seem boundless – with so many brands and types of safe out there, it can be difficult for a first-time customer like you to make an informed decision on what type is best for your home or office.

Our safe sales team is here to help you navigate your purchase. We know that your safe is among the most important investments in your home or office, If the unit does not check your security and user experience prerequisites, you risk your assets and make things less convenient in the long run.

BK Lock & Safe is here to make safe purchases and locksmith Brooklyn, NY services simple and stress-free. We offer a wide variety of options, with the right fit for any budget – so you can feel confident in what’s important to protect yourself or loved ones’ valuables.

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Home Safe

The best safes are not just for hiding your valuables; they’re also meant to protect your assets from prying attacks, or natural calamities. It makes perfect sense to choose a home safe with high-quality steel, make, and specified burglary and fire rating that has been time-tested.

BK Lock & Safe offers only the best home safes by reliable manufacturers. We take into account what size of safe is perfect for your property, what type of features will be the most convenient for you, what type of valuables will be placed inside the security box, and other crucial considerations. If you require storage for cash and jewelry, this requires a different set of specs than if you need a gun safe. Our safe locksmiths will take your personal references in check when recommending the best home safe option for you budget.

Gun Safes

Gun safes allow you to store your firearm collection while keep it protected from unlawful use, burglary, fire and water damage. Gun safes are also big enough to store other assets, granted there is still room inside to fit your valued items.

Our safe locksmiths can help you choose which gun safe fits your demands. Some customers are fond of modern technologies, which make electronic locks perfect. Meanwhile, other prefer the traditional mechanical locks. And many want the balance that a combination gun safe provides. Depending on your needs, we have a wide array of options and the info about these different gun safes to help your purchase hassle-free.

Data Safes

Data safes can store your sensitive laptops, tablets, cameras, and other storage file devices that you want to protect. Media safe come with a UL-listed enclosure, which determines what level of protection it can give in case of a fire. What’s also distinct about data safes is that is provides a cool interior that has a regulated temperature, protection from magnetic field, electro statistics, and other external factors that could damage your electronic devices.

TL-30 Safes

TL-30 safes provide excellent security. These are burglary-rated safes that can withstand potential break-ins using tool, water, and fire damage. These units can withstand up to 2 hours of fire exposure at more than a thousand degrees temperatures. TL-30 safes have undergone laboratory testing to give the owner full protection for high-value assets. Let our safe locksmith experts give you in-depth for when you’re choosing a brand new TL-30 safe.

Commercial Safes

Commercial safes are essential for businesses big and small. Whether you have a café, a repair shop, an office, convenience store, hotel, or a pharmacy, you may need to deal with cash bills and important papers. On busy days, you need a business safe that will be sturdy, burglary-proof, and very handy to access by authorized users.

Our safe and locksmith Brooklyn, NY specialists will help you decide which quality business safe to invest in. There are fire safes for full protection, a cash box for easy drop-off cash or documents, a biometric safe for offices or hotel use, and high-security digital vaults for enterprise -level use. Depending on your business requirements, we are here to assist in supplying the best commercial safe with appropriate features for you.

Premium safe Selection at best prices

When it comes to safes, there’s a whole world of options to consider. It takes a keen eye and a reliable safe locksmith team to purchase the ideal unit for your assets. We are here to provide expert locksmith tips for your home and business owners. Our safe supplies and models deliver the right kind of protection at every budget. We tailor-fit our recommendations based on your lock preference, property, budget, and safe functionality you are after. Don’t hesitate to talk to use about your safe needs.

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