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Discover the ideal safeguard for your valuables at BK Lock & Safe Brooklyn, NY. Our Types of Safes page presents a wide range of options, from fire-resistant document safes to cutting-edge biometric security. Make an informed choice to ensure the utmost protection for what matters most to you.

Types of Safes

Safes have various functions and makes. But all safes have one feature in common; they are crafted as an impenetrable box to keep valued possessions and assets secure from forced entry. Nowadays, there are hundreds of safe varieties with modern functions. There’s bound to be one that can adapt to any custom need.

Types of Safes

Burglary Safe

Experience the uncompromising security of our Burglary Safes, meticulously crafted to thwart unauthorized access and deter theft attempts. With their robust construction and advanced locking mechanisms, these safes provide an unyielding barrier against burglaries and break-ins.

Fire Safe

Preserve your critical documents and cherished items from fire damage with our Fire Safes. These specialized safes are engineered to withstand high temperatures, ensuring your valuables remain intact even in the face of a fire emergency.

Types of Safes
Types of Safes

Gun Safe

Explore our top-of-the-line Gun Safes designed to provide the highest level of security and responsible firearm storage. With advanced locking mechanisms and robust construction, these safes offer peace of mind for gun owners.

Deposit Safe

Optimize your cash-handling processes with our Deposit Safes. Designed for businesses, these safes allow for secure deposits without compromising on convenience. Safeguard your assets and streamline your financial operations.

Types of Safes
Types of Safes

In-Floor Safe

Discover the discreet security of our In-Floor Safes, seamlessly integrated into your home or business. Offering hidden protection for your valuables, these safes blend seamlessly with your environment while providing a robust defense against theft and unauthorized access.


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